We’re a strong and growing co-op community and we’re working every day to realize our collective goal of a thriving store, but there is still work to do. For member-owners and co-op supporters unable to attend the project update meeting earlier this week, here’s an overview of where we are:

• Get the doors open!

• We have run into hidden defects in the building, previously covered by drywall.
• It took time to have these professionally evaluated and we are working together with our landlord to resolve the issues and resume construction within the building.
• We will have a better sense of our timeline once we can begin construction again. We anticipate that will happen in the next few weeks. With what we know today, we can safely say that we expect to be open in early 2016, but are striving to open earlier.

• When we ran our capital campaign last year, our goal was based on projected costs and we did our best to gauge these based on input from our consultants who build co-ops from scratch, everyday throughout the country. But after receiving hard bids we are finding that our real construction and equipment costs are slightly higher than forecast and the delays in moving forward with our renovations are contributing to increased costs. As you know this is not an unusual scenario in construction.

• We will need our member-owners’ help in closing that final gap and have therefore asked NYS for permission to continue our original campaign. Anyone who is a member-owner of the Co-op and a bonafide NYS resident may participate. Please call Sheila at 912-0672 or Mike Benzin at 316-1090 for information on how to help.

• Every day we get new members. We’re at 1,160 and growing. Many of you are spreading the word and we thank you! Please continue to do so and help us reach our goal of 1,500 members by opening day.

Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm. We can make this happen, but we can only make it happen together.