The Co-op will work to strengthen the link between local producers and consumers. But, there’s more to “going local” than just providing fresh produce. Here are just a few examples of the impact food co-ops have on their communities.

Local Harvest. Supporting local farms and sustainable agriculture can have a direct impact upon the preservation of local farmland, thus preserving the rich agricultural bounty and the beauty of our region. Eat your view!

Food Miles. Locally produced food leaves a smaller carbon footprint, conserves energy and is better for the planet. It’s where we live!

Buying Local = Diversity. When farmers don’t have to concern themselves with producing food that has an extended shelf life, they are able to grow a wider variety of crops.  Fruits and vegetables like our grandparents ate that are loaded with flavor and nutrition. Diversity is delicious!

Author and food activist Michael Pollan answers the question “Why Eat Local?” in this compelling video.

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