How the Board Works

Your Board of Directors steers the path of EACM toward the future. The board is made up of nine owners just like you, chosen by annual election. This is where the true power of co-op ownership comes into play. Unlike corporations, co-op board elections are democratically run — owners all have an equal vote. Board members serve staggered 3-year terms.

Owners, run for your Board!

Why does the Board exist?

Board members represent member-owners to ensure that their needs are met and support the General Manager to maintain the vision and ends of the co-op.

What does the Board do?

CREATES CO-OP POLICIES The board’s primary role is to oversee the direction of the co-op through EACM’s general manager through the creation of board policies. EACM employees, as directed by the GM, manage day-to-day operations like stocking, cooking, ordering, marketing, product selection and administrative duties.

ENVISIONS & EVALUATES The board conducts its ongoing work at monthly board meetings. At these meetings the board monitors policy compliance, understands the co-op’s finances, plans activities to engage owners, discusses the future and evaluates their work.

See for yourself! The best way to understand what the board does at the co-op is to attend a board meeting and see for yourself. Meeting information is to the right.

Board Meetings

Meetings are held from 6:30 – 9:30 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of each month at the Boys and Girls Club of East Aurora.

Member-owners are welcome to attend regularly scheduled board meetings. If you are interested in attending, please contact us at [email protected] in advance of the meeting.

Meet the folks who govern the co-op on your behalf.

Theresa Bindig

Vice President | 2019

Theresa Bindig lives in East Aurora with her husband and three children. She is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist doing Nutrition Counseling/Consultation through her small private practice in JoyWheel Yoga and Wellness on Main Street East Aurora.

Gary Kimmel-Hurt

Board Member | 2019

Gary Kimmel-Hurt has recently retired from Suicide Prevention and Crisis Services of Buffalo, where he worked in fund development and also volunteered as a hospital advocate. He is the former owner of East Aurora Locksmith.

Andrew Layer

Board President | 2018

Andrew is an engineer at Moog and an EAHS graduate. He and his wife Holly have been members of the co-op since returning to Western New York four years ago. Andrew has held various engineering roles at General Electric and Moog over the past ten years. In addition to his technical background, he has an MBA from Indiana University with a concentration in strategic planning.

Bethany Markovich

Board Member | 2021

Dale Morris

Board Member | 2021

Kathy Pomerhn

Board Treasurer | 2020

Kathy resides in the Village with her husband Paul, and has two children Jennifer Hamson of Rochester, NY; and SSGT Richard Pomerhn of Colorado Springs, CO.

Why are you interested in serving on the co-op’s board?
I am interested in continuing to serve on the Co-op’s Board of Directors because even though we are up and running there are many challenges and hurdles we are experiencing as a small business in the first full year of operation. The store is experiencing sales over and above what was projected and we continue to improve our margin and management of expenses, but these are not the only factors that will determine our overall success. I am invested and have asked others to invest in this project and I want to play a part in ensuring that we become the viable and stable business in our community that I know we can be.

Describe your experience with cooperatives.
I truly believe in the Co-op’s mission and vision and think it has been a fantastic addition to our community. I have served as a Board Member on the EACM Board for two years. It has been a pleasure to work with such dedicated individuals that serve on the Board and Co-op staff. This has been a very exciting time for the Co-op as now we are open, operating and thriving. I played a role in running the second phase of the capital campaign to that end.

Professional experience and relevant skills  What unique skill, personal quality or perspective will you bring to the board? 
Being Director of Operations of the Boys & Girls Club of East Aurora for 25 years has allowed me to work cooperatively with many people and develop relevant skills, including experience with a board of directors; management of a $1 million budget; establishing local contacts; organizational and problem-solving skills; as well as marketing & fundraising experience.

What is your vision for the future of our cooperative?
I envision our store growing stronger and becoming a vital part of the fabric of our community. It takes time, but I can already see that starting to happen.
What makes you passionate about the co-op and/or our mission? East Aurora is the perfect community to have a Co-op that boosts our local economy, supports our local farmers and businesses and offers shoppers quality food and products for our families.

Favorite Food I don’t have a favorite, but I love food! I enjoy the shopping experience, trying new recipes and using new cooking techniques.

Tom Ruhland

Board Member | 2021

Information System & Technology leader with 25 years of experience developing, supporting and managing applications across various platforms to deliver solutions to worldwide business functional groups. I am able to approach and tackle complex issues and problems into systemic steps for developing a future roadmap and long-term solutions. Since moving to East Aurora, my wife’s hometown, in 2012, I have seen the EA Co-op get established. I want to use my business experience and leadership skills to help with the co-op’s continued growth and influence within the community.

Robyn Young

Board Member | 2021

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